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Balanced vs. unBalanced

My new Millennia…"]NSEQ-4[/]="…"]NSEQ-4[/] arrived today. Its a beautiful sounding eq. After hearing this, I'd love to a have a few of these now. Actually, more like about 12 of them (one for each channel).
It has an optional unbalanced in/outs.

Hopefully this isn't confusing. I've never used unbalanced gear before.

My Neos console is all balanced except for the Master Bus loop, which is (only) unbalanced.
I've never used it because its only unbalanced. I therefore, pass all hardware mastering tasks over to the Dangerous Master, which has 3 inset paths, one being an M/S option. I would possibly insert the Dangerous Master in that Neos Master bus loop if it was balanced.

Coming out of the Neos main outs into the Dangerous Master is just fine, I'm by no means complaining.
Basically, I sum the Neos channels into the Dangerous Master and from there, insert all mastering hardware through its inserts. Everything is balanced, super quiet and it works well.

Okay, hopefully that made some sense.,

Because the NSEQ-4 has unbalanced options, I'm now wondering what the unbalanced benefits would be for me other than louder? Would I benefit sonically in any way inserting it as the Neos master EQ ?
My cable length is less than 6ft runs to the console.

Just to be clear, I'm not asking about "before or after" in the chain. I'm only wondering what or if there are sonic pros or cons to unbalanced gear at this level.

Thanks for any insight!



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