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Bash these mixes!

Hey there, yeah these are some recordings ones of my band, the others just suttin i recorded to hear wut the drums sounded like i didnt even do nthing to the guitars or bass just the drums.

This is my band.

This is just hearing what I figured out on recording drums. Please tell me what i can do to make everything sound as good as possible! THanx! O and one more thing! How should i go about recording vocals for my band on that one! Our singer screams! And i dont no a good way of recording it!


Pro Audio Guest Tue, 01/23/2007 - 22:28
Well the first one there I did the drums with

A MXL 604 and Apex Condenser for overheads panned in stereo
they were 2 or 3 feet above the drums.

A Dr. VX1 for the bass drum, i placed it right outside the bass drum.

and some mic I don't even know the name of on the snare.

The guitars were done with my MXL 604 about 3 inches away from the speaker cone. The bass was line in. ANd another question for this song while I'm talking about it. How should I go about recording our singer. He screams so I don't know how to record it right.

The other one I just did the bass and guitar line in.

The drums I put the Apex condenser 7 inches above the hi-hat pointing down. My MXL 604 to the right side 7 inches above the crash. I panned these to stereo. A Dr. VX1 on top of the snare 1 inch away, and some dynamic mic on the bottom 4 inches away. And another one of these random dynamic mics right outside the bass drum. The only thing I did different the drums here was run two cables from the mixers main out to both the inputs on my FastTrack Pro so i could record them in stereo, which i think sounds better. The first song there was recorded in audacity then i edited it in sonar. ummm this was all recorded with my multimix 8 and my fasttrack pro... and it was recorded in my basement...