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Bass sound naff. help please

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I have been sent a track in from Europe to mix this weekend and am having real trouble with the bass. I didn't track the band but apparently the guy was using a Trace bass ( I think made by Trace Elliot) and a Trace amp and cab. When I put the sound up it was flat as f***k and had no bottom end in it at all. Straight eq won't fix it so I sent the sound out to an Ampeg cab I have in my live room via a Marshall head. I put a D112 on the sub port on the back of the cab and a 421 on the front of the cone for punch. . So far so good... Cos its a trashy kinda rock tune I used a 9098 pre for the D112 and an Avalon for the 421. I bypassed the compressor on the Avalon and pumped the bass into a couple of distressors. Sounded cool on its own. . however, in the mix I really need that kinda woody sound to the bass and I can't seem to get it at all, I have tried eq and busing the bass out to the Avalon and bringing it back on another track. Damn I just can't seem to get a sound I like.
Sorry guys if this is a bit basic but it's doing my head in. . Any ideas would be very welcome, I've just got to that point where I'm gonna leave it alone for a few hours and see if its a wood for the trees thing.
Any help would be very welcome.