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Battery / electric keyboard combo amp?


I'm looking for the amp mentioned in the title.

One person suggested a Roland kc110.

Any other suggestions? Comments on the Roland?




dvdhawk Tue, 09/27/2016 - 17:46

With a battery operated keyboard amplifier you will have to keep your expectations in check. Keyboards (especially the left hand) can be very taxing on a power supply. Running from rechargeable batteries, you may notice more distortion as the system gets into 'brown out' territory if pushed too hard. I would suspect long sustained bass notes would really eat into the battery time. But I understand, you gotta do what you gotta do.

I've got a church customer who uses the Alesis TransActive combo as a portable music system for little outdoor functions.
I've also got a customer using the Anchor Audio Liberty full range PA speakers (one of many battery powered options from Anchor Audio). It all depends on what size audience you're playing for / area you're trying to cover / how loud you need to be.

For a while K&H (Klein & Hummel the high-end studio monitor company, now part of the Sennheiser-Neumann family) sold a self-contained, weather-resistant PA speaker that was rechargeable. I sold a batch of them to a local outdoor venue, and they were very impressive for public address and background music. Needless to say, they sounded exceptionally good, and had a corresponding price tag.

There are probably others, but those are the only three I've personally come across.

I'm assuming a generator is out of the question. A big battery and an inverter are an option too, depending on your application. (Busking, parade float, marching band, outdoor wedding.)

dvdhawk Wed, 09/28/2016 - 12:28

Boswell, post: 441658, member: 29034 wrote: I mis-read that first time as "welding".

That's funny. Nothing breaks up a long day of welding like a little keyboard break. Two birds with one stone there though, if lugging around a massive welder is an option. I've run my old PA system at numerous outdoor shows that used a gasoline powered welder as the generator. I can't think of many moments across the entire span of my life, where I've felt such a feeling of relief, as the moment we shut down the blasted (blasting) generator/welder at the end of the day. Despite the facts that it's the end of a long grueling day, the hard part is over, and you're loaded up to the point of just a couple work-lights. After a full day, hitting the kill-switch on the constant, annoying drone of the generator, elicits the biggest collective sigh of relief I've ever heard.

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