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Hi all, i've posted similar topics to this one already so sorry if i'm repeating myself but there are so many options to choose from and I want to get it right as i've only got one shot at it for now.

I have a budget of £1000 to spend on creating a small home studio and would like some pointers as to which software/hardware to purchase.

I've dabbled in a few different programs but i'm wanting to start this topic as a complete novice so i'll tell you what I'm wanting to do.

Basically, I'm wanting something to create electronic dance music with. I would like to create my own tracks and also do mash up's and remixes.

The above will be my main interest but I would also like to record some acoustic and electric guitar tracks and use a program for adding drums as I can't play them and don't have enough space for them.

I'm really looking for some feedback from people that are doing similar music making.

Obviously i'm limited to what I can get with my budget and this budget will also include other components, i.e. furniture, speakers etc but a good portion of my amount available will be used for the DAW that would be best suited for me.

For arguements sake we'll say I dont have a computer. This way the old "PC vs Mac" topic will not pop up.

Reasons for using what you use and links to demo's would be very kind of you to add.

Thanks in advance,