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Best interface for around £200 ($380)?

I have recently started using Logic and a G5 PowerMac for my recording needs after using crappy digital multitrack (all-in-ones) for many years.

I now have the PowerMac, Logic Pro, Mackie Monitors, Rode Mics... etc

I now have a budget of around £200 for a decent interface - either firewire or USB.

I record mainly guitar and piano based pop so the interface will have to handle vocals mainly (Phantom powered XLR's would be needed). The number of inputs isn't really a deciding factor as I generally record just one source at a time.

I have been looking at the PreSonus Firebox, Mackie Spike and the Endirol EA25. Anybody have any suggestions as to what would suit my needs and which would have the cleanest pre's.

I have read a lot about each of these units but this site seems to have the most practical knowledge out there!