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The best laptop for location recording

Hey Ro'ers I need some solid advice on the best possible notebook for recording on location as well as occassional use in my studio. Right now I am working with a PC notebook and I can do the jobs that I need to do with it, but I find that I am hindered by not being able to use as many plug-ins as I would like because it just isn't fast enough. I have a Gateway M305x series notebook, 512mb, 270GB HD space, at 2.40Ghz. What I need is some solid advice on any other notebook that can work as well as a desktop and give me the power and effeciency that I need, is there even one out there? I need to have the ability to be able to record on location when I need to and also use the notebook for use in my studio. Does anyone have any recommendations as far as this goes. Any insight would be greatly appreciated as always. Thanks in advance.

BigTrey~President/CEO - BG Recordz


Thomas W. Bethel Wed, 05/03/2006 - 05:36
We have the Sony VAIO notebook and it has proven to be a very good very rugged laptop. I can recommend them highly. What ever laptop you get make sure you get a hard shell case for it. Our laptop case has a few dings in it but the laptop, after two years on the road, does not have a scratch on it. Also try and get a three year maintenance agreement for the laptop that covers things like battery and LCD screen replacement it is well worth the money and the peace of mind. We purchased ours from Best Buys and got a good price plus the maintenance agreement.

Best of luck!

Pro Audio Guest Thu, 05/04/2006 - 11:28

here is my advice;

1. If you run a dual processor enabled application like Nuendo, Cubase or sonar, skip the P4s or PM and get an intel Duo Core laptop.

2. If your application does not support dual processors go with the Pentium M @ the fastest clock rate if you want a quiet laptop. If not, then go with the P4 or AMD.

3. 7200 RPM laptop drive or drives with 8M cache.

4. TI chipset firewire port.


Guy Cefalu

Sonica Audio Labs