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I am thinkin of pickin up a set of NS10's.
What power amp should i choose to compliment the worst sounding speakers ever..

lol..i see posts all day long bout how they are I'm not lookin to get convinced or UN-convinced...

just wanting to know...
What power amp to purchase.

Thanks for your replys in advance!
Mike X


Kapt.Krunch Fri, 06/15/2007 - 03:39

Why...I'd go pick up the cheapest Radio Shack amplifier to compliment the "worst speakers ever".

JUST kidding :D

Probably best to look for a good quality studio reference amp with at LEAST 75W/ch or up. If the amp is better than the speakers, the speakers lose nothing, and may even help them a tad. Then, if you want other speakers connected at some point, the amp will be there for you.

If you skimp on the amp because you only have speakers that can't take advantage of the full possibilities of the amp, and decide to run high-end speakers later, then the amp may not be there for the speakers.

At this point, if you suspect the Yamaha's are the weak link, don't bring everything down to their level.

As far as brands and models, search the online music store catalogs and these forums for "amplifiers", "reference amps", "recording amps" narrow down the candidates by wattage, price, features and specs, and then perhaps ask "what are your opinions on "Brand X or Brand Y amplifiers?"

You may get some answers in the meantime, but nobody knows your if you could even narrow that down, it my help to narrow down peoples' suggestions. Otherwise, you may end up getting answers from cheap Behringers (although doubtful) to high-end, way out of your budget amps.

Just some thoughts.


moonbaby Fri, 06/15/2007 - 05:36

I'll bet that if you ran a poll of studios using those Yammies during their 'heyday' , you'd find the Crown D150 and Hafler power amps at the top of the list. I used an older (1975) Marantz 1070 on mine for years, until I replaced the NS10m's with an active pair of NHT M-00. I still use my Marantz as a headphones amp 32 years later. Clean and bullet-proof.

anonymous Fri, 06/15/2007 - 11:38

awesome thanks guys...

my budget is something around 500-1000..for the amp....i currently have the Event Precision 8...they are great but i want soemthing i can reference better too...

everytime i heard ns10s they sounded OK....but in relation to the was im just lookin to get a good set of FLAT reference monitors.....
my studio is NOT a mixing studio...but i would like to get something like these to be able to reference my TRACKING better....and possibly later with time, get into mixing...

any of u guys have better options...for a FLAT response monitor...within the $1400 range....

kinda the most i expected to pay for a new set of monitors/amp..or even active monitors....

Thanks for the help guys!
Mike X

sheet Sat, 06/16/2007 - 05:10

More Power To Ya' man. Looks like the room is a few notches above Jr's bedroom stuffed with gear funded by moms credit card. haha

I cannot tell by the pic, are those speakers at the appropriate angle and distance from your head? How easy is it to move your desk, because your next set of speakers may need to be at a different distance from your front wall. They may need to be closer to fix a node, or further to get out of a mode.

Assuming that your room is great acoustically (there are some major studios that are far from flat), I would save your money and get something other than an NS10.

Back in the day, we used them because they represented the average bookshelf speaker and car stereo. Not so any more. I can still mix on them, but not because they are a flat reference. I am used to them. I can also mix on Auratones. I have two different models here. But I would never recommend them to anyone, nor would I playback for a client on them. I use the Mackies for the wow factor there.

Off topic...what is your local Christian music scene like there? Do you have success booking those artists in your studio? Is it easy to buy that music there or do you guys rely on the internet?


anonymous Sat, 06/16/2007 - 16:36


thanks still finding the sweet spot....since i am new to the scene...(recording)...its still a GREAT far as LOCAL christian scene...its doin great...i have had a great success with MYSPACE and the NET...honestly aslot fo ti is word of mouth..and the people i ahve on my crew are fairly well known and respected in the LOCAL scene...

i currently tour with some Christian artists that are with a label called CanZion. Because of the contacts i have with is MUCH easier getting the word out..although the Label has an HD2 system..good rooms and great engineer....they do not do as much RECORDING for the artists nemore..its turned into more of a distrubition than RECORDING label..although some work is still done...

plus alot of people in town..that work with the "christian" music..are charging an arm and a leg to do ....ur normal i am striving to give competitive pricing along with a fantastic team..

I studied audio engineering..along with the other countless...."i wanna be a rock star" other students...but honestly always considered myself to be on the (musician side of the glass)..not engineering..because it seemed so impossible..well..up until now!!!

if i am looking a good reference monitor..OBVIOUSLY fixing issues in the control room....something i can learn listen too....and have consistent mixes...(i know its possible with any speakers...learning them and over or undercompensationg them)..but something that might lessen THAT load!...?

dont know if u checked out My music site...i have some tunes some friends and i did a while my house...LOL...with a 002/adat machine/and a Mix


thanks sheet!
lookin forward to hearing ur input!
Mike X

anonymous Sat, 06/16/2007 - 16:45

i got a lil lost with all of my rambling!!

my desk is very easy to move..

i did all of this work with help of several "engineer friends" but no one made detailed plans or was there overseeing the work...My father and i did...we did almost all of the work...minus the technical stuff(elec, a/c, etc.)

i know i have alot of details...but i am playing with the cards i was dealt...i know too many people get involved in the "BUYING GEAR" game...and never do anything with what they have already..

i have been blessed with my current setup....may not be ideal or what not...but i will say it again...I AM BLESSED! and i have an incredible passion for music....playing as well as engineering...

I am the guy who dove in head first witout having years of experience...but i have spent years (like i said b4) on the other side of the glass....and i HAVE NEVER been MEDIOCRE in anything i do...

so believe me when i tell all of you...i will succeed...WE WILL SUCCEED!!
Its a learning process..and boy am i learning...LOL..


Mike X