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Best pre for my type of voice

Hello all

I am new to this forum. I am recording my own cd on pro tools at my home studio) mastered at ludwig's place this summer (saved up for that). I had a pal's api preamp but he took it with him to California.

I have a rode ntk microphone (which I know is not "high end" but I happen to like it). Am considering the upgrade to a u87 soon.

As far as a preamp, I have about $2-3k and was wondering what would suit best for my particular voice. I sound a bit like Bono, Bowie...i don't really scream my head off but I can (and do) shift into hgh gears now and then.

I liked the Avalon m5 when I sang through it last year, but am hoping for some other suggestions (the best thing I ever heard was a pendulum).

I have only been recording my own stuff for the last year. Im a it of a sophmore in some areas and this is one of them.

Any help or suggestions would be sooooooo appreciated!
Thank you!

Sean Quinn


baslotto Thu, 03/29/2007 - 00:35
Sorry dude but at least you should post some clips if you want suggestions about a pre for your voice.
Besides, somebody demonstrated that preamps are the least of the worries for recording music since it's pretty hard to spot them in the sound chain.
"Colored" or not "colored" is where they split. The style of music plays a big part in the choice for a preamp. Your voice plays another big part, the mic you use between the pre and your mouth...
Too many variables to recomand you a preamp for "your voice".

See it this way:
it's like Picasso asking what brand of canvas should he use to draw a good paint of a blond girl that he knows who looks like Sharon Stone.


AudioGaff Thu, 03/29/2007 - 08:01
What I think and what you think would be best could very well be on complete opposite sides of possible choices. Both the API and Avalon are great mic preamps that are quite different from one another. If you liked the API, then get the API. Even if the API is not the best mic pre for your voice, everyone serious about recording should own at least one API mic pre anyway. Since you seem to understand about the many variables, then do your searching/research around here and other places to narrow down a list. Then rent those mic preamps and/or book time in a studio that has them. Use your mic and make some recordings. Listen to the results and make your decision.