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I've been looking at recorders and thought I had settled on the Boss BR-1600, but then found the Korg D3200, for the same price.
Let me try and list what I see are the pluses and minuses of each unit. I have not used either of these so I'm looking for input as to how well they work.

The Boss seems to be geared more to guitar players...which is what I am.

The Vocal pitch correction and harmony in the Boss:. .I have not heard any good things about this. I'ts hard to use, dosen't sound real good, or shell I say like "real" people anyway. So I don't really think this is a big plus. A good thing for a demo, a grab you thing.(sales)..but to really use it in a recording. .somehow I don't think so.

Built in Boss GT6. OK this could be a big plus. I was never a big fan of this pedal, trying to run it thru an amp...sounded too bright to me, but could be used well in the unit..plug and play and eq'ed up to sound fine.

Bass generator, another plus...probably something off the GT-6 package.
You can enter in the bass you want off the front panel or..."Ithink" has a bass sim, that you can use guitar and play bass. Sometimes these sound good, sometimes they don't.

Drums. .Here is a big plus. you can program your own...but to me they still sound like digital drums. BUT they give you prerecorded live drum sessions. You can tell the sound difference even on there video demo.
They do sound like real drums ..which is what I'm after. Yes you have to cut and paste what you want, but still sounds good.

You can record 8 tracks at once..which most others you can not.
It seems easy to use, better then most. The mastering tools may or maynot a useful thing. Kind of push the button and it dose it for you. don't think I'd use that anyway.
All in all. a nice package with alot of features.

Now the Korg D3200. Seems like a better well buit unit. (just by the pic's)
Major plus is you can record 12 tracks at once . which nobody dose.
The spec's ..."seem" to be better.

Built in effects. I don't know how good they are? They seem to indicate they have some guitar stuff...but not really sure. No Bass sim's or ability to due bass without a bass guitar.

They do say they had a drum sim. but's still digital drums.
Now I would "assume" could upload live drum stuff like the Boss. .
But don't know if it would handle it like the BOSS or be able to make it sound as good? In the Boss they seem to have built this in so you can cut and paste without a problem for this. but I could be wrong.

With the just have more tracks. .that you can mix and record on.

There both about the same price, the Boss seems to have more bells and whisles. the Korg just flat out has more tracks.
How easy the Korg is to work with. I don't have a clue.

Any info in these 2 units would be great. Thanks