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Best tool for Phattening up drums?

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Post your favourite tool or method here plz.


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Guest Fri, 03/22/2002 - 04:31
16th and 32nd note delays work pretty well too... speakers set up in a good room with the drum balance pumped through them with mics set up to catch the room sound work... there are a million of them, it's probably best for you to experiment and find a few of your own 'magic formulas' to create the magic you're looking to create.

(OK, somedays we do have to try to do alchemy... but it's a drag).

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Produceher Sat, 03/23/2002 - 16:26
Neve 2254's on the Kik and Snare

Pultecs on everything.

SSL/Channelstrip setting on the Stereo Mix.

Sound Replacer on the Snare (My kick always sounds deeper)

Small Plate Reverb (EMT 140)

If Digital, send tracks to an old Neve and print to tape from the direct outs using generous helpings of EQ.