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best vocal mic for very loud satges/rehearsal rooms

hi,there are a few good mics out there that i have tested in mic shops that sound nice such as the sennheiser E935, E945 audio-technica AE6100, AE4100. but i have been wondering what vocal mic might be best for my applications. i have a clean melodic voice but i sing in melodic metal bands that tend to be very loud on stage and in the rehearsal rooms. i play Small to mid size clubs and pubs and rehearsal rooms. i dont have a very loud voice as i actually sing not shout or scream but this is sometimes a problem as the bands are so loud. does anyone have suggestions as to what lead vocal mic(S) would best be suited to these applications.


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Hardtailed Tue, 08/02/2005 - 13:10

In such a situation, what you're most concerned about is feedback rejection (so you can crank up your voice). The good old SM58 is used in that context even in high-profile gigs, so it's always a good start. Might not be the best sounding mic, but in my own experience, always ends up being the best compromise for stage use.

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Hardtailed Wed, 08/03/2005 - 12:18

The ATM41HE is a hyper-cardioid, yet I find it harder to control feedback with this mic...
What's important is how you place your monitors/side-fills, but the "hyped high-end" of the AT mic made it harder to control.

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moonbaby Wed, 08/03/2005 - 13:15

Shure offers the Beta87 in (2) flavors, an "a" and a "c". One is supercardioid (that's the "a", I believe), 1 is cardioid. In my experiences live, the Beta87 is a good female's mic, not good for a male metal singer. The Beta 58 would be OK, if the mic pre on the board can handle the output of the mic.The AT models cited are not the same as an ATM41, they are the "cheaper" versions. And the Sennheiser Evolution line is OK, but they are not as "stage tough" as the Shures.
By the way, "hypercardioid" is only better for stage monitors IF the box is aimed to the side of the mic(performers ear), where the better rejection occurs.SUPER cardioid is a tighter, narrower pattern than cardioid. ROBERT:check out my reply to your other post in "Live Sound"...