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Best way to record my bass with my setup

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So I'm planning on getting a M-Audio MobilePre USB Portable Audio Interface to record bass/guitar
I'm wondering what will be the best way to record bass (for now), so I will be able to buy all the stuff together
I currently have an Ibanez Soundgear bass and a Fender Rumble 100 amp

1. Plug my bass straight in the 1/4' input of the M-Audio (nothing to buy)
2. Mic my amp and record it (will need to get a good mic)
3. Plug the XLR output of my amp to the XLR input of the M-Audio (will need to get a XLR cable)
4. Any other suggestions ?


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BobRogers Fri, 01/18/2008 - 14:18
Start with 1 and 3. Those will probably both give you usable sounds that you can use to experiment with settings on your bass, the preamp section of your amp, and compression and eq in your DAW. If you are new to recording, I'd stick with these methods for quite a while. Get the most out of refining your playing technique, recording technique, and mixing technique before you try to improve by buying new equipment.

If there's a particular sound that you like live from your amp that you can't get going direct with those methods, you might then get an SM57 and play around with micing the amp. However, I prefer recording the bass direct, so if I was not satisfied with the two direct methods above, I'd look into variations on method 2. I'd get a good DI - Countryman or Radial. If you are gigging around, It's part of a bassist's tool bag. But since you are into metal you might look into a modeling DI/Preamp from Line6 or Sansamp. These are easy to audition in a store with headphones, though it's easy to fool yourself in that setting.