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Beter soundcard with 8 pre and 16 ch ADAT?

I want to buy an interface with 8 Mic pres, which might have a good quality and offer 16 ch Adat, cause i want to make 24 track live recording and use in my studio too.

The options I have in the market are Focusrite Saffire Pro, The PreSonus Firestudio and the Alesis IO26? Is there any other better option? which one is better?

Thanks :)


Scoobie Wed, 12/13/2006 - 15:34
I use the RME Fireface. I do live recordings, and have done them up to 24 tracks. The Fireface only has 4 mic pre's(good one's to boot) but I don't use them live. I have 2 RME ADI-8 DS(8-channel converters) hooked up in my two ADAT ports which gives me 24 analog channels.

I use a Mackie Oynx 24-4 for the FOH and run all 24 channel's via DB-25 connectors to my RME converters. Love this setup, works great for me.

To do 24 track live recordings, get ready to shell out some clam's. It will not be cheap unless you want it to sound cheap, JMOP