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big guitar sounds like metallica

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Metallica was king of big guitar sounds. They were the first to make it sound REALLY BIG! They used like 8 marshall 4x12, with various mics and a huge tent cover to enclose the sound. The guitar sound you hear on the black album is clean, crisp and dint require a whole lot of dubbing. I think the best way to do it, is to put a condenser mic somewhere in the room while putting something like the sm57 a little off the cone of the cab...mix the two mics until you get the perfect sound.


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bent Fri, 07/25/2008 - 21:42
I'm currently listening to "Ourselves" by 7 Seconds.

The guitars sound pretty BIG to me.

I'm pretty sure that I bought it from the record store YEARS before The Black Album was cut...

Yeah, I'm pretty positive that I'm right on that...

And, wow, I can hear all the drums on the album as well... Imagine that.

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multoc Sun, 07/27/2008 - 22:07
the more guitar u add to something playing the same thing (ie 'leedsquietman' adding thirty overdubs of the same thing panned left and right) would make it sound thinner than fatter.

Hence it's all about the pre's and since metallica records on top of the line SSL boards or neve consoles, all they have to do is stick am ic on and it should sound sexy.