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The big Near field monitor - Qustion!

Hi pepole...Im moving to a brand new studio!
most of my gear is moving with me. but I have decided to upgrade some of my system...I decided I have to upgrade my monitors. I use now a pair of Yamaha NS-40m studio. its very nice but has a huge lack of low budget is around the 1000$. most of my recordings are Rock music/punk-rock/Hardcore/randomly other ganers like reggea and pop...Im thinking about these monitors:
Tannoy D6, KRK V8, Adam a7, Dynaudio BM5A
I have a prefernece for a active- pair.
offcorse that I'm going to hear all of this in the shop, but I wanted to hear your guys opinons...
thanks a lot! and sorry about the bad english...Im trying my best =)


Halifaxsoundguy Tue, 04/17/2007 - 13:54
i just bought a pair of KRK Rokit 8's and they rock, I've been doing alot of active listening to familiarize myself with them. They sound good in every application i've tried. I'm even surprised by how low the go. Everthing sounds tight. I'm a happy customer. Also note that all the corners are rounded which helps with stereo imaging. I thought it awas BS, but then I listening and found it to be very true. They are also active. I paid $650 CDN brand new.