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Bit rate

When recording sound at 44,100hz/ 24 bit, at what decibel point do you start to loose bits?
Sorry if this has already been answered.


Kev Sat, 10/28/2006 - 00:22
nihility0000 wrote: it was my understanding that you loose 1 bit per every 0.6db under 0.0
don't think of it that way

not worth the brain space
just use the 24 bit headroom sensibly and convert to 16 when you need to
there is lots more worth worrying about than the intricacies of the math

Kev Sat, 10/28/2006 - 15:07
dementedchord wrote: ah...come on mate... shirly we can have another go.....
lol ... nooooo .....

32 and 48 internal math is about calculations for the mixer and plugs
please don't worry about it

as Dave said you have up to 144dB dynamic range to work with at the front door and if you capture adequately you will need to squash to get to typical CD mastered variations anyway

don't worry about it
to lose a bit or 2,
and if you did it's just not an issue for typical pop/modern music
... just maybe if you were in the Orchestral World of direct to two track ...
look for typical analog clipping diring capture and digital clipping during mix
and all along the way let the digital headroom bounce between -20dBFS and say -3dBFS and let the equipment do it's job

even if you did have ONE track with a digital clip ... or an -0.01dBFS
and you can't hear a problem ... let it go IF it is a good take.

it's all good