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Bomb Factory/AudioSuite "How-To's"

I am a fairly new Pro-Tools user and wish to learn the who,what,why,when technical stuff about how to apply and use the bomb factory plugin 's like the "Essential Clip Remover", "Corralation", "Meter Bridge", and the "Noise Meter" as well as the AudioSuite tools like DC offset remover, Time Compression Expansion...etc...etc.. . Are there books, web pages, forums, other?


Member Tue, 09/04/2007 - 08:33
Clip remover I've never been able to get to remove the clipped sounds of a track. If the track is 'clipped' (and if you don't know what this sounds like, try recording a sneeze when you've got the mic pre gainstaged for a quietly whispering vocal), this is suppose to fix the clip. As I said, I can't get it to work when I've tried it (mostly to de-clip sfx I downloaded that sound good but for that ONE little clip-burp)

Corralation? Dunno what you're talking about-- havn't spotted it.

"Meter Bridge" is simply what it says-- a meter for that track if you want to know more about it. I've not used it other than to see what happened when I did. Needles moved. I yawned, and looked at the meters by the Pro Tools fader instead.

"Noise Meter" -- see 'Corralation.'

DC Offset Remover-- I've used this several times on downloaded effects. Ever see a waveform that 'floats' above or below the middle of the line? or one that has nowaves on the bottom of it? Well, those are taking up some of your headroom for that track, and the Offset will make the thing more 'centered' in the XxxK, XX-bit "matrix" that it's recording in. (make sense? probably not...)

Time Compression and Expansion? It's one of those that you can use 'preview' and mess with to figure it out. Can be a very fun tool.