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Bouncing down tracks for another sequencer

I'm going to get some songs mixed by this guy, but he doesn't have Pro Tools and would like the songs rendered down to 44.1(I recorded at 48 ). What is the easiest way to do this? Selecting each track and bouncing it down to 44.1 seems like it would take a hell of a long time...


iznogood Sat, 10/01/2005 - 04:21
make a new session in 44.1 and import all the tracks... and remember to set the samplerate conversion to "tweakhead"...

it can take hours.... but it can be done unattended...

maybe the long processing time can be spent wondering why on earth you were recording at 48k for music use.... cd is 44.1 and will be forever... :D

anonymous Sun, 10/09/2005 - 15:04
The guy won't be able to open the Pro Tools sessions. After I import all the audio into a new session at 44.1 will new audio files be created in the Audio folder at 44.1? And will they be timestamped? Cause the guy wants audio files that he can just drag and drop into his sequencer that will already by synced up

anonymous Wed, 10/12/2005 - 09:34
So let's say the song is four minutes long and there are twenty tracks for four five hours of bouncing down?

Also I feel like an idiot, but I can't bounce down the tracks correctly in Pro Tools, somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong. I bring it back to bar zeo and left click the track I want to bounce down with the mouse, choose bounce down options/name it/bounce it down and then repeat the whole thing with another track. When I import both of the different tracks to a new session, they're the same file even though I clicked on a new track to bounce it down.


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