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Brauner Phantom C vs Neumann TLM49 & GR ME1NV vs John Ha

I try to find a "perfect match" for voiceovers, narration, spoken word stuff in terms of choosing right mic with appropriate pre amp. My choice is narrowed to those mics and preamps mentioned in title. Phantom C & GR ME1NV / Neum TLM49 & j.Hardy M1-or other way around ..? And unfortunatly I can't try those by myself.

Any help is more than welcome.




Pro Audio Guest Wed, 09/13/2006 - 00:41
I record many VO's for TV and radio ads, and in one of our studios we have Brauner Phantom C. And I must say it's not a good mic for this aplication... have a lot of hyped highs, with NOT having strong mids which are critical for narrative voice in my opinion. Even a TLM103 (also too bright for me and not having this warm-in-mids factor) which is in the other room, is better for this.. (but most important things I record on Rode ClassicII and Brauner VMA tube mics, these can handle all from IVR speech to singing "come to us and spend your money" beautiful songs :)



PS. for IVR you can try some robbon mics, sounds recorded using them somehow sound great when big downgrade sampling is needed (f.e. to 8khz).

TeddyG Wed, 09/13/2006 - 16:01
My favorite mic of the past 35 years(I do VO) is the Brauner Valvet. I was not impressed by the Phantom C, or the Neuman mentioned(Any Neuman, actually, AKG's have always "done me better". With budget constraints I'd just get an AKG C414 B XLS/ULS and be pretty darned happy.) and have not used the VMA's. Where, with any other mic I've used I feel as though it "just doesn't get me" or I have to be always conscious of where I stand, etc, the Valvet just encourages me to "get closer", to "be not afraid", just to do the VO and concentrate on "me". I love it(Similar ease of use with the 414, just not the definite "quality increase" of the Brauner - the BV DOES cost 2000+ dollars more - and it SHOWS!). While I've only used the Valvet in "real" VO studios, up to now, it will be my next(First) "fine quality" mic, when I can also afford the FQ pre to go with it and the "room" to put around it.

BTW: I've used it running through Millennia Media SS pre's, in very well treated "pro" studios, with MY sorry voice(Your mileage may vary. ALL things do NOT work with ALL people)......