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Bulk Snake Cable Recommendations?

Lots of discussion of brands of basic mic cable in the archives, but I can't find any discussion of preferred brands of snake cable. Hardware recommendations would also be a help. I'm looking into making a 24 channel fan to breakout box, and maybe a couple of xlrf-xlrm subsnakes. I'd appreciate any help with brands and suppliers.


dvdhawk Fri, 05/06/2011 - 22:31

For stage or studio?

[=""]Redco[/]="…"]Redco[/] has everything you'll need.

[[url=http://="…"]Bulk Multipair Cable[/]="…"]Bulk Multipair Cable[/]

[=""]Wall Panels[/]="…"]Wall Panels[/]

They've got Mogami if you can afford it.

Don't forget the heatshrink tubing. Do you have a heat gun?

I haven't tried these guys yet, but they seem to have everything you're looking for too, [[url=http://="http://www.churchau…"]Church Audio Supply[/]="http://www.churchau…"]Church Audio Supply[/]

If you order a box or panel that is pre-punched, make sure you get the recommended connectors. For example, a Switchcraft will fit in a panel punched for Neutrik D-series, but the holes are at a different angle. So the connector will bolt or rivet-in tilted a couple degrees and that will look just as bad as it sounds.

BobRogers Sat, 05/07/2011 - 02:31

This is for the studio. It's not a permanent install, but I don't expect it to be moved much. So I want good audio quality, and I want it tough, but it doesn't have to stand up to road conditions.

I'm going to be getting a new fireface UFX inteface very soon, and the future plans for the studio are pretty well set in my mind. I had been tossing around the idea of getting a patch bay, but I don't think that's the right move for me. With the new UAD cards, I'm pretty well committed to using all ITB effects for the foreseeable future. All of my pres can be assigned a dedicated input on the UFX (and I expect it's at least a couple of years before I fill up the inputs with high quality pres.) So it seems to me that running a 20-send snake from the desk to the tracking room with the box labled by preamp would replace the function of a patchbay - at least for now. I've basically been doing essentially that with an 8-channel and 4-channel snake that Jeremy Cucco made me. I could use those as subsnakes from the box. That might inspire me to be a little more creative with my choice of preamps on the drums, for instance.

Note: I'm willing to make this, and in some way I feel I should just so I have the parts around when needed. But if there are good commercial products that meet the specs for quality, length (30'-50'), and sends (16-24) at a good price I'm interested.

audiokid Sun, 05/08/2011 - 16:21

I'm looking for cable too Bob but for the little I need right now, I going to buy it custom made. I found these guys yesterday. Their pricing and storefront is spot on. [[url=http://[/URL]="http://proaudiola.c…"]Audio Cables | D-Sub, XLR, TRS, TT, Snakes, Patchbays | Pro Audio LA[/]="http://proaudiola.c…"]Audio Cables | D-Sub, XLR, TRS, TT, Snakes, Patchbays | Pro Audio LA[/] .

I've always made my own singles but never snakes because I thought you needed some sort of crimper?
I'm debating using the 3162 110 ohm for both my AES and analog cables. Is this a good idea?

audiokid Thu, 05/12/2011 - 17:53

Cool, I hoped to make a deal with them, do some trading but they never took me serious, or were to slow to draw so they missed out. I just dropped a $1000.00 at local shop. I don't like to promote unknowns here unless I have the opportunity to see it for myself.

Accusound is excellent cable too (made in the USA) but I don't see interconnect on their store and that's what I need right now.

Please lets us know what kind of work they do. I still need more cable and would like to promote a great service.

RemyRAD Thu, 05/12/2011 - 17:54

I like the MOGAMI multi-pair, individually jacketed Snake cable for wiring up the control room stuff as well as for lengthy snakes. But beware, I have a bit of a love-hate thing going on with them as some of their good-looking, nicely coppers shielded cabling has had some incredible micro-phonic issues. I had about 400 feet of this microphone cabling of theirs, with a lovely full copper wrapped shield that if people stepped on, you'd hear it. Can't remember the exact model number of that individual microphone cabling. Many popular multi-pair snake cable and utilizes that aluminum foil shield with steel ground drain wire. That's the stuff you really need all that heat shrink tubing for. I've never had any real problems with bad stuff except that it's actually a little more difficult to deal with. Fine for permanent installs. But I like supple soft jackets in that I'm not really wild about anything too long that is too stiff. Especially in the studio where we all need to be movin' & groovin'.

You know you're alive when you can smell that fresh rosin core flux in the morning.
Mx. Remy Ann David



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