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cable for mics

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just bought a Pro Tools rig, love it!

What is the best mic cable now, right now I'm using standard mic cable. Does more expensive cable sound better?


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Ang1970 Sun, 09/24/2000 - 05:22
Is standard the brand, or just a statement of genericitousness(?)?

Canare star-quad is a good brand of cable to look for, and only a little more expensive than the generic stuff, but with much better specs (and sound).
Monster cable is even better, but ridiculously expensive. It's great if you can afford it, but for someone just starting out, you may not even be able to hear the difference yet. May or may not attract any clients, unlike brand names like Neumann... so it's pretty much a "how big is your studio's ego" thing.
Mogami is ok to, but i prefer canare at that price.

happy hunting,

Angelo Quaglia
AQ Productions

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Greg Malcangi Thu, 10/12/2000 - 16:58
You'll hear a significant difference between balanced and unbalanced cables, particularly over medium or long runs.

Connectors: Provided you are able to handle a soldering iron and make good quality joints, you won't be able to tell the difference between any of the decent connectors. Although my personal favourite like Angelo is Neutrik.

To tell you the truth I doubt very much if you or anyone else can tell the difference between one balanced cable or another. The only possible exception to this is on very long cable runs. I personally have a mixture of cables all of them good quality but nothing special.


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e-cue Sun, 10/15/2000 - 04:06
Try a/b'ing, or better yet- test the resistance on Mogami/ Moster cable & a stanard XLR with a voltmeter. Moster cable is the best (I have found). And if your using it with a vocal mic I'd definately get it. I first noticed a difference when I using 1 monster cable & 1 standard with a keyboard and saw a drop in level. I tested about 5 cables & determined monster cable rules. I doubt you'll sell 10,000 more records, but is $50 too much to pay (after spending 30 G's on a protools rig)? Maybe, Maybe not.

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archived member Tue, 10/17/2000 - 04:38
I agree with Angelo and others who say "make your own". Nothing wrong with having a couple Monster mic cables, and more than worth the $50, but it's important to have a clean signal throughout your studio. If you're running from patchbays to ADATs, to mixers, to interfaces, to outboard gear, you could have lots and lots of cable.

I certainly wasn't very good soldering my first dozen, but practice makes perfect. I like Canares star-quad cable with Neutriks XLR and TRS connectors. For 1/4 RCA. Switchcraft works well, but you have to ream out the collar a little.

By the way, Angelo, can I use "genericitousness" in a song. Great word!!