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Allright, I replaced my cables with mogami due mostly by posts I read at this forum. I did notice recordings I made earlier now seem brighter. For instance, the high hats and cymbals are much more defined and the guitars have more high end now. I havn't tried recording any new tracks yet, but the monitors seemed to open up.

I have XLR outlets in the control room and the isolation room connected via conduit. The wiring is mic cable by Carvin that's used for building applications. We had some left over from wiring a new VFW post. Now that I have mogami mic cables will it be necessary to pull that carvin wiring out and replace it? It's only a 10'stretch but will be a pain to replace.

Any opinions?



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AudioGaff Fri, 01/09/2004 - 09:51
If you have already noticed a difference the Mogami cable makes on older recordings and that you would expect it to make a futher difference on new recordings, then you already know the answer.

Do you have too? No, you don't have to do anything. Do you need too? No, if you have something that works, you don't need too, The real questions to answer are: Do you want, like or gain better quality and performance? Is that performance worth the cost and hassle of implementing it?