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Cables & 1/4 in. Stereo Jacks

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How many folks solder their own cables? I do some soldering at work which gives me a little advantage and plan to reconstruct my studios' entire wiring. I'd like to get some insight from a few "Pros" because I'm new to using a patchbay. Actually, I think I need a couple of patchbays for that matter. First, I know quality counts basically on everything and using low-grade wiring will result in static, hum, & other unwanted artifacts. Where can one find superior wiring for such a task? And second, would'nt it be better to use "stereo" (ring, tip, sleeve) jacks as opposed to using standard jacks (tip & sleeve)?


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AudioGaff Wed, 02/11/2004 - 05:40
If you have mostly balanced I/O then a balanced patchbay makes sense. You might even need or want both a bal patch bay and unbal patch bay. TRS/bal connections give you the potential of less noise and interference. But you can still get good performace with unabal cables and patchbay. And unless everything is TRS and bal, you don't gain as much and are prone to having to deal with wiring/connector type problems. Which is yet another reason to only deal with high quality gear.

Bulk cable can be bought at most places that sell good quality cable such as that which is made by Canare and Mogami as two great quality and popular examples.