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CAD E100

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Anybody own a CAD E100? How do you like it? What do you use it on? I am looking to get an inexpensive mic to use for trumpet, Flugel horn and guitar cabs. It won't get a lot of use so it has to be inexpensive and no ribons please. Any suggestions?



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riconga Sun, 02/24/2002 - 08:24
I own a matched pair that are pretty good as overheads or just room mics. occasionaly for steel string guitar, definately not for trumpet or fluglehorn although I did get a pretty decent sound on a fute. They were a great buy when they came out but there are now many better choices for the money. I use my old beyer m500 on trumpet and it sounds fantastic I think you can find them pretty cheap now. A ribbon is definately the thing for trumpet.

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Luke Sun, 03/17/2002 - 18:46
I like the way it sounds as a kick mike with both heads and no hole in the head,It almost sounds like it has been processed i.e.eq'ed and compressed.A nice alternative to D112. I like it on acoustic guitar and on a bass cabinet also. I don't particularly like it as a vocal mike. I have a matched stereo pair and haven't tried them as overheads or room mikes yet,I have a a few pairs of other mikes that i have been using.
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Pro Audio Guest Wed, 03/20/2002 - 14:06
We have three here. Used them for kick outside, overheads (km184's are preferable), chimes, and my favorite is guitar cabs. Good flat mic for the price. The pads are nice and HP filter is handy, as stated before, this mic picks up low rumble. I find the high end very detailed which is good for certain sounds. Run them with a good preamp. We have a bunch of different mics, why not buy one? Another tool to get the job done. :)

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MadGuitrst Wed, 03/20/2002 - 16:36
The E-100 is a relatively neutral mic. It is not a large diaphragm mic, rather a mid sized I think.

I have the 2 capsule version, the E-200, but they basically sound the same in cardioid mode.

It is a predictable mic to me...that is, what you put into it you basically get out of it.

I like it a lot, more than many of the mics at the same price range these days.

I works well on my voice but it's not considered a real vocal star of a mic. I also don't think it is the biggest, bestest mic for acoustic guitar, etc.....where I prefer a bigger, more present and forward sound.

I think it is a good all around mic that may not be the best for any one thing, but is useful for many things. You'll probably always find a use for it no matter what you move up to in the future.