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CAD GXL3000 (Have you tried it?)

Hello -

Yesterday I purchased one of these off of Musician's Friend for $69.99, included shockmount (it was Stupid Deal of the Day). I hadn't seen them that cheap even on eBay. I know it's a little after the fact, but I wondered if anyone here has one, or had one, and your thoughts. I've been looking at the CAD M-179 which is probably a step up, but I'm just an amateur so I'm hoping this will suffice for a lot of my needs. Compared to the SM58, and MXL 990/991 I think it will help with additional applications. (I especially can't wait to try it out with the MXL 990 for some m/s recording).

I've also learned that it may be the same mic as the ADK GC-3. If anyone has one of those as well, however that's just hearsay.

Anyway it's a multi-pattern mic, with a high pass filter and a 10db pad. Seems like it will be pretty versatile for my low budget "studio". Can't for it to arrive... the little bit I have read was pretty good.

So, let me know if you've used it and if you think it was worth the $70!


moonbaby Thu, 02/14/2008 - 23:51
Hey, guy, there's a reason that mic is selling for so FD cheap. It's a FDC mic. I had a couple of M179's when they first came out 5-6 years ago. I wanted variable patterns, these were a low-priced offering. They sucked. The switches were flimsy, the the connectors went bad real fast, and their overall sound was too bright and sibilant. Off-axis, they were mud. You'd be better off with a 58. And the GXL series is their "budget version of THAT.
By the way, I noticed that you recommended this cheap POS mic to someone in another posting. Someone with better-than-budget gear.
Even before you had a chance to try the mic out. Nice move, Ex-Lax.

anonymous Fri, 02/15/2008 - 05:36
Wow... well you're certainly a dick. Here is my exact posting to that member on a budget mic for a singer/songwriter.

CAD M-179

Both are definitely budget, but they have multi-pattern options and the M-179 has very low self noise (the better of the two... or more highly regarded).

I've read good things about how neutral it (I was referring to the M-179 here) is (which is good if using it for multiple sources).

I just purchased the GXL3000 yesterday for $69 on special at MF, don't know too much about it yet... might be junk... but just thought I'd throw those two recommendations out there, take it with a grain of salt... I'm a newb.

First, I said it might be junk (As you're correct... I have never used it). Secondly, I said take it with a grain of salt I am a newb, but I was just trying to bring these two budget mics to that persons attention purely because I thought they might be good for a variety of applications due to their multi-pattern abilities.

Furthermore, I've read multiple reviews by respected forum members (feel free to chime in) and audio enthusiasts that recommend that CAD M-179 as an awesome bang for your buck (and versatile) mic.

This is the Budget Gear area of these forums. This isn't some dirt cheap Nady dynamic Star Power mic or something.... they sell for $100 new online and it was a good deal (or so I think it might be). If anything else I could probably turn around and sell it for what I paid.

Oh... but thanks for having something actually useful to tell me. I appreciate your review on this mic, and also I appreciate the unwarranted insult.

And finally, there are plenty of us with varying degrees of experience and budgets on these forums. For me, it'll never be more than a hobby and I'll never be more than an amateur... and I'm okay with that.. I enjoy it, but there are other things I devote more time too.

Cheers! :D

moonbaby Fri, 02/15/2008 - 06:18
Well, I've been called worse. You asked for opinions on that mic, you got one. I did neglect to mention that the reason I no longer have the CADs is because BOTH of them came apart internally (at the same spot- the base of the capsule) and so I threw them out. I since learned that CAD has had "issues" with some of the adhesives that they've been using. One of the places I learned that was HERE on RO, in a review of their tube mic.
For you to come here and ask for opinions on something that you've already popped for (but not yet used) is naive enough. But when you get an HONEST answer to your request and get nasty about it, there is no excuse. BTW, the reason I got pissed in the first place was that you had gone onto another thread and recommended a mic that you yourself had never used! How would you like it if somebody spoke highly of a cheap (or not so cheap) product. And then you go out and buy said product, only to have it fall apart in your hands. And then the other guy said, "Sorry, I haven't really used that product, but I read on the internet that it was good." Would you like that? No. Look back at the thread and you'll see that the recommendations made from myself and the others were from people (including this "dick") who OWN and USE them on a regular basis.

anonymous Fri, 02/15/2008 - 06:28
I don't question the fact you know your shit. I'm sure you do. That is honestly undisputed.

All I'm saying is that I was straight up about the fact I had not used either, but I had read good things in regard to the CAD M-179 as a versatile budget mic.

You could've given me an honest review and told me about them falling apart and having to just end up throwing them away WITHOUT insulting me.

I stated I'm new to the game, and I'm sure I'll never have the budget and the knowledge that you and many other forum members do. However, my suggestion was given with warning and also stating that I had not used either (but might lead them in the direction of at least TRYING one out or looking into it).

I did this purely because I appreciate when others may point out good deals to myself (and I'm sure that person that read my post didn't just run out and buy it because I told him to... I stated to take my post with a "grain of salt").

Furthermore, I've read in a couple different places it's [GXL3000] a real sleeper mic. Yeah, it's a REALLY cheap mic, but BUDGET is relative to each individual's level of seriousness and budget. I may love it... and if it falls apart, maybe I'll buy another.

It's hard to pick up on people's attitudes on forums sometimes... but when you ended your post with, Nice Move, Ex-Lax", that was just childish. What's even more childish is me wasting my time bothering with you.

Keep up your good work and if you can take anything away from this just remember there are all different levels of recording enthusiasts here - instead of insulting them, maybe it would be better to kindly point out issues with these budget mics or altogether ignore the ignorant ones (like me).


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