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Can this be fixed? without

:oops: I record with a stand alone without a compressor. Tascam DP01. Can I pull the vocal track off the following mix which will be in wave and fix it with Cakewalk V4XL, Cool Edit or FL 5
Would appreciate help/ Thanks

Give a listen


Pro Audio Guest Mon, 06/11/2007 - 17:43
Appreciate the reply

Track is recorded separately but does have a clipping. Gonna probally do it again, with a dryer signal, so that maybe I can create a better tone on the computer. Just not set up properly to do the main record on computer. I guess what I wanted to know is can the computer programs really make a difference to a wave program? Thanks again.

zemlin Mon, 06/04/2007 - 03:37
There's already way too much compression on that track - pumps, lacks dynamics, sounds distorted. IMHO, the whole thing needs to be re-recorded - and there's no way you can suck the vocal out of that track to process it after the fact ... but it's there's no dynamic range left to compress anyway ...

I think this track might do very well if you double up the guitar tracks and maybe the vocal tracks too.

Generally it's a good idea to EQ before compression. You probably want to do a light EQ cut in the low-mids to make more space for the vocal - let it come out on top of the guitars more cleanly.