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Can you help with a kind of plan for wiring?

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I'm planning to finally start to solder the cables. In another forum someone was so kind to give me an idea how to connect everything. But as I'm an absolute newbeeee I would really apreaciate to have more option for comparissons regarding a plan how to connect the equipment.
I would like to reserve 12 ch.'s as a standard for the mixer.
2x for the cd player
8x for drum sounds comming from the plug-ins
2x for stereo return of my reverb

The situation is like this:
1x Analog mixer (32/8/2)
2x patchbay (with each 48i/o) (I have two spare pbays with each 24i/o)
1x pre-amp (with 2x mono ch.)
1x com/eq (stereo/tube)
1x reverb (stereo)
3x main micr. (of which one is a tube)
1x large diagr. micr.
2x cond.micr.
2x interface with 8i/o
2x el. guitars
2x acc. guitars
1x bass gtr.

If you have some advise for me please feel free to educate me. I think it's getting time to start as the first musician will be comming in December to do some recording.

Thanks in advance,


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natural Mon, 11/03/2008 - 12:50
Simply connect all the ins and outs of all the gear to the patchbays, then connect the gear as needed with patch cords.

But more importantly, if you have sessions scheduled and you don't have any idea how to interconnect the components then you have bigger problems.