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Can you tell me how this sound is achieved?

Listen to the guitar sound on this site. (The music starts automatically)

I know it is a bass, drums and guitar. But is the guitar just playing single notes with the bass to form a power sound (like each playing a note of a power chord)? Or is the guitar playing power chords while the bass plays single root notes?

Also what kind of settings on the bass and guitar would I use for this kind of sound?



multoc Thu, 03/22/2007 - 18:37
Power chords, root notes on bass, that's obvious........the distortion you are hearing (which i assume you think is the actual setting on the guitars, considering you can't tell what the chording is on the guitars) is from the severe compression used to make this video play back on dial up quickly.

Get a guitar amp and find the tone you like that matches this sound. that's the only way to do it