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Cant Get Volume From My Stereo Out In Cubase (FireWire Solo)

what am i doing wrong I'm using a firewire solo (sound card) so I put that on get sound out of the headphones on Cubase i get sound but theres no volume bar on the stereo out. Only on the track that i a result i cant hear effects that i put on. Or Record for that matter


Pro Audio Guest Wed, 12/20/2006 - 18:48
Also I notice int eh sound control panel that the spot where it shows the response to my guitar plaing only shows it comming out of the right side. Like theres to sliders one that says L pan one that Says R Pan but i only see a responce commiong from the Right side and if i take my Right headphone off nothing comes out of the left one.

That may be a problem or be completely normal i wouldnt know..