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Hey I have two 12's that I want to use for the studio. But Do I need a special kind of amp or reciever to run them? I tried hooking them up to my amp and I got all the sound coming through the speakers when all i wanted was the low end. Can somebody help...?


sheet Sat, 06/23/2007 - 06:16
First off, when adding subs you are going to need a dedicated amp and crossover and processing to time align the sub to your monitors. The reason that you cannot physically time align them by lining them up is because you are going to have to search by experimentation for the best position for your room.

The next thing that most people experience is a disconnect between the subs and the monitors. There is a lack of smooth, seamless transition. This is why Blue Sky markets their stuff the way that they do.

Being car audio subs, they are usually built for abuse, elements and low impedences. Make sure that the amp is rated to run at the impedence of the subs, otherwise it is time to break out the marshmellows and hotdogs and roast away.