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CDs for Masterlink

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I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the best type of CDr to get for the Alesis Masterlink.

I already use the Taiyo Yuden 650 Meg / 74 min.
That is the Silver series.

Are 80 minutes as long as they get and are these considered the best?

Apreciate the help!

Mad John
Zythum Studios


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GT40sc Sat, 12/01/2001 - 12:54
I have been using the MasterLink for almost two years now, with very few problems. Only one bad disc in that time, which happened to be a Maxell. In my experience, the MasterLink is generally less "fussy" about CDR blanks than computer burners are. I have used lots of TDK and Sony, and I really like the BASF/Emtec discs.

At the mastering place where I used to work, we used Taiyo Yudens every day, and they were very good. Of course, we were also recording on the old Yamaha YPDR-601 decks...

The 80 minute discs are the longest you can get, but I would avoid them unless you are recording an extra-long program. Some CD players have trouble reading them, and I don't think they sound as good. Stick to the 74s for general use.

Hope this helps,


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Mad John Sat, 12/01/2001 - 15:12
Thank you fellas,

I certainly apreciate the tips. I may try the BASFs, since I also know that they make a better DAT tape than Quantagy!

For me the strange part in considering the CD as the Master rather than a DAT. It is just new to me thats all.

I am glad to hear you both are happy with this interesting and excellent device. :) ;)

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archived member Wed, 12/05/2001 - 04:09
In the past, I've been using Kodak, Mitsui and 3T with no problems.

Lately we have only used HHB 80 min bulk-packed discs and they have also worked just fine.


Now that Alesis website is down, where can we download latest software for the Masterlink?

What software revisions are most reliable in your opinion?

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Jon Atack Wed, 12/05/2001 - 16:23
Mitsui Silvers and HHB here.

I have version 2 and it's fine...other than the occasional lock-up when reading red-book CDs that were burned with other machines. The Masterlink has had zero problems reading its own CD24 and red book CDs.

Actually, with PSX100SE converters and clock as a front end, Masterlink CD24s have been my main album delivery format to major labels for nearly a year now.


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FifthCircle Fri, 12/07/2001 - 13:09
I generally use Taiyo Yuden discs for all of my CD needs...

One note, though, about 80-minute discs and the masterlink. Unless the version 2.11 software has a major change, the Masterlink will not recognize an 80 minute disc as an 80 minute disc. This is true for both CD24 burns and CD burns.

This is a very annoying flaw for me because I do live classical recording and often pieces are really long. It would be nice to be able to access the full 80 minutes or 700 megs...