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Ceiling microphone rigs..?

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I'm a sound engineering student in Piteå, northern Sweden. We've recently (last year) built a new concert hall with adjustable inner ceiling; from 1 to 2,4s RT60. This is very nice... And I love making recordings in this all-wood space.
If you are interested, I could perhaps upload some samples?

But; the matter in question. I feel there's a need for a permanent microphone rig in the building; as of now we only have some holes that we can drop microphones with long cables from, and I would like a permanent but adjustable "flying" solution for at least three mics in front. Do you have any ideas of solutions to this? I.e, companies that makes these sorta things?

Thank you.


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13 years 8 months

johannes_o Sat, 06/14/2008 - 18:22
Thank you both!
I've mailed Hyfax and hope to get a response from them soon. They seem very serious, what with having installed at the Danish Radio and at the Tonmeister Institute in Detmold.

Do not hesitate to bring up more ideas; I'm particularily interested in things approaching the Hyfax level.