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Cheaper mic & preamp or just a more expensive mic?


I'm a producer that only uses software and I need to start recording at home and I'm thinking about buying the following hardware:

Audio-interface: E-MU 0404 (200€)
Microphone: AKG c 3000B (250€)
Studio monitors: Samson R5A (300€)
Pre-Amp: DPS II (330€)

My question is: Do i have a better sound quality in the vocal recording's if i have the 'AKG C 3000B' and a
pre-amp like 'DPS II' or will i have better recordings if i buy 'AKG C 4000B'(that costs 427€) and connect it directly to the soundcard's
pre-amped MIC In ?
My budget is very limited as you may have noticed, thats way its important to get the most quality possible with the little money i can spend.


BobRogers Sun, 03/25/2007 - 11:41
If you are planning on using a bunch of preamps (say to record drums) at some point, I'd get a good 12 or 16 channel mixer (Mackie, A&H, etc.). This gives you a lot of preamps in a very versatile package. Frankly the quality in the price range of pres you are looking at doesn't vary all that much (the flavors may differ but its all about the same quality). The piece of gear that I regret buying the most is a Focusrite Octopre. Should have just bought a good converter for my A&H mixer.