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Cheapest 2x ADAT i/o soundcard

A friend of mine owns a Behringer 3216 with 2x ADAT i/o. What would be the cheapest soundcard to connect it with a PC?

I was thinking of the RME DIGI 9636, which looks unbeatable in this case. Any other suggestions?



Randyman... Tue, 03/07/2006 - 17:16

The RME stuff is very good for interfacing ADAT Lightpipe to a PC. Highly recommended by yours truly...

There might be something cheaper, but the RME 96/36 Lite is like $250 Used on eBay...

I won't comment on the Mixer


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cfaalm Mon, 03/20/2006 - 04:33

Paco, that would have been a nice card, but that's not what I meant.

Maybe I should have clarified. I live in Europe, Netherlands to be specific. Buying something on eBay from the US is really a long shot for us here. It will cost us probably an extra $ 50 to Fedex or UPS the stuff over. For that money I might be able to have a used RME over here.

Basically I'm asking if there is a card around the same price that is as good as or better than the RME DIGI 9636. It seems there are none.

riffster Mon, 03/20/2006 - 08:01

I'm not sure what the RME costs but the Frontier Designs Dakota costs around 400.00 dollars. I have the Wavcenter which is the 8 channel adat version and it works pretty good for me.

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Jedi Wed, 05/31/2006 - 03:09


you could find a creamware 3 dsp card + an adat expansion (16in /16out adat ) for cheap, used

also great card for routing and monitoring


paco4207 Tue, 03/21/2006 - 18:53

I am sorry, I did not see your location.
I agree the RME is a better card, but the sonorous is the cheapest card I know of. I have no experience with the dakoda cards, but they look like they would be a good choice.

Randyman... Tue, 03/21/2006 - 21:33

I was under the impression that the Sonorus only supported MME for XP? (That was the impression their website gave me)? I much prefer ASIO Drivers - as does anyone who wants low latency (below 100ms or so). Either way - I would not buy an un-supported card no matter how good of a deal it was... Chances of getting ASIO drivers for XP are pretty much out of the question for unsupported cards...

The RME 96/36 Lite can be had easily for ~$250-$275 used, and they are fully ASIO supported (and still being supported bt RME)! I love all of my RME gear...