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Checking mix in mono

Stupid question, but want to get clarification. We recently switched to Pro Tools HD. Running through a Midas Legend 3000. How do I easily check my mix in mono?

Thanks in advance.


anonymous Thu, 05/24/2007 - 23:29

If you don't have a "mono" switch, then route everything to a set of auxes (1&2). Then take the physical outputs of those auxes back into 2 channels on the board, which should be sent to the main LR. Simply use the pan controls set to center to hear your mix in mono. Not pretty, but it will work...

(I would imagine some other posts may say this, so here goes: sell the Midas and buy a dedicated recording board. It's odd you're spending massive $$$ on HD and then using a live board - although Midas is a great company, they aren't built with studios in mind...)




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