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Choice of Digital Mixer to Compliment Pro Tools & Digi002

Hi there,

I'm looking for a digital mixer that offers Pro Tools control (preferably touch sensitive to avoid delay in reacting in fast moving fader action caused by non-touch sensitive time-out). Also I'm trying to see if I find one that also offers plug-in automation control.

Also to have at least 8 high quality mic pre amps (preferably 12 or more).

A/D D/A converters keep the sound natural, and EQ sounds almost like analog (musical EQ).

The other important thing is that the unit can be a good accompaniment for Digi002 Rack (8 analog / 8 ADAT input) by being able to send 16 input signals through 8 analog outputs and 8 ADAT outputs simultaneously and discretely.

The units I was suggested are Spirit 328 and Tascam DM-24.

I know Tascam DM-24 doesn't offer plug-in automation control, but I don't know this issue for Spirit 328. If there is anyone that knows about this, I appreciate if you let me know.

Also if you have any more suggestion for other brands/models that fits above requirement (or as close it can get), or if you have any tips about Spirit 328 or DM-24 regarding above required characteristics, I appreciate your input.



TVPostSound Fri, 04/28/2006 - 02:10
Most of us (Protools Mixers) now "mix in the box" (MITB) using only a control surface.
I still use a legacy Mackie HUI which has touch fader automation, and plugin control knobs. All automation and processing is done within Protools via the control surface.

A good choice today would be a Mackie Control Universal.

BobRogers Fri, 04/28/2006 - 03:44
I don't use a control surface at all. I have to admit, when I was getting ready to buy the system, I was convinced that I needed the control surface. But I talked to a guy who relied exclusively on mouse and keyboard, and I decided to go that way. It really forces you to use all of the automation tools in a very deliberate way. I've found this a big help in mixing. Getting a second monitor so you can see the control and edit windows simultaneously really helps with this. Something to consider at any rate.

arya44 Fri, 04/28/2006 - 10:45
I have to do both music recording and audio post for visuals. I need the mixer for sending player specific mix through send to their floor monitors and headphones and they get annoyed if I do it with ProTools with at least 256 millisecond delay. Using lower delay for simultaneous multitrack recording including using the EQ, reverb, and dynamic plug-ins has a chance of crashing which is a disaster for a live recording and embarrassing for the studio recording. Also the quality of even the high end plug-ins is not as good as the onboard EQs and effects. I mean if you buy a good mixer.

Regarding the control surface, I need one for certain film audio post effect transitions which is faster and more natural by using the faders e.g. for sweeping the frequency or changing the level in a shelving EQ depending on the distance and movement of the object, etc. It just feels better and you can nail it down in one run for the whole scene. I was working with 002, Control 24 and Pro Control and I really liked the dynamics of using the mechanical interface. I could accomplish more and work long long hours without having fatigue on my eyes or wrist.