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Choosing a recording school, Really Need Help !

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I'm trying to choose a recording school to go to in the next few months but I live in India so I have nothing much to go by except for the websites of the schools. I want to go to a good school with great equipment, faculty, internship and placements. Cost is not really the factor, cause I can try for financial aid (I'm a U.S. citizen). I was really impressed with Fullsail, Ex'pression for New Media, Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, and Los Angeles Recording Workshop. I know that the length of the course in the first 2 is about double the length of the course in the second 2. Does this extra training in the first 2 make a lot of difference ? Is anyone here a graduate or a student of any of these schools or any other good schools ? I really need suggestions and help because no one here knows anything about recording schools. Thank you so much.