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Classical Guitar on a budget

I have an Alesis board, Alesis AI3 Converters, 2 SM57s, 1 AKG 3000b, an AKG 590S dynamic, a Audio-Technica MB4000C condensor, 2 Radio Shack dynamic omnis (made by Shure) and a waiting client. I have never recorded classical guitar before and would like to know what others have tried on such a low budget. I am not going to rent anything becuase I am not getting paid, so what I've got is what I am using. I was thinking of using the 57s in an XY stereo pair about 1 to 2 feet away and the 3000b farther back as ambience. I just don't know how far back to put it to avoid phase problems. I suppose I'll set up the other mics to compare the sounds, but I tend not to like the sound of those so I will probably not end up using them. The guitar also has a pickup (I think it's a piezo, but I didn't get a close look) so I will record that thru my Whirlwind Director and try mixing it in with the mics. Maybe put it on a delay so it'll line up better. What do you think. Anything to add?


Richard Kuschel Tue, 11/27/2001 - 05:44
Actually, the Alesis board is the least of your problems. The preamps are a little harsh, but should suffice.

Try the 57's in both an XY and an ORTF position.

Positioning is everything.

An ambient mic isn't a bad idea, but the reverb that you use is going to make ofr break the project.

You will have a lot of time to experiment as you aren't getting paid for this anyway. Make the most of it and listen. You will discover more about recording trying this than just about anything else you can do.

Does it sound like the guitar in the room or is something wrong? If wrong, reposition until it sounds right.

You don't have the best gear, but that won't matter. If you position the microphones correctly you can get a good result.

Ang1970 Tue, 11/27/2001 - 11:47
This is one rare occasion where I might actually recommend the c3000 over a 57. (GASP! :o )

I don't know what the noise spec on the Studio32 is, but I'm fairly certain t2b will have to crank the gain pretty high to get decent levels out of the 57's. Also, the high-mid bump in the c3000 might complement the guitar nicely. With the 57's he's more likely to need to boost hi's, which would make the gain noise even more noticable.

Hopefully the guitar is loud enuf that this won't be a problem.

GZsound Fri, 12/07/2001 - 07:09
My main recording business is with bluegrass and acoustic groups. I usually use a small condenser on the acoustic guitar but a large condenser can work too.

I work with an acoustic guitarist who gets a very nice sound with a C3000B and an AKAI 12 channel digital recorder/mixer. I would not recommend the 57's because of the lack of bottom end and high end when placed at a distance.

Try the 3000 above the sound hole slightly up the neck tipped down toward the guitar. Try to keep the guitar in the same position and use your board eq to get the sound you want.

anonymous Tue, 12/25/2001 - 09:17
I ended up recording the 57s as a spaced pair and the 3000b at the same time. I ended up not using the 57s because they sounded like shite. I am actually pretty pleased with the tone I got. I used the 3000b about 10-12" from the sound hole with the hipass filter (70hz) enabled on my board at mix down. I added a touch of M-One hall reverb (after trying it with a delay-yuck) and we were in business. I can't wait to get the artist back in so I can try a few different things now that the pressure of getting a good sound is off.


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