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clear vocals

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im using an AT-2020 mic for vocals, and a Behringer AUTOCOM PRO MDX 1400, should i be using the behringer or is there somthin else i can use to get the vocals clear and remove the hissing sounds from the microphone. someone recommended the ART tube preamp, but i dont want to buy the wrong piece.....


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BobRogers Sun, 04/06/2008 - 06:48
The Autocom is a compressor, the ART is a preamp. They do different things. They are both pretty poorly made and do their respective things pretty badly. In particular, they both are fairly noisy. What kind of interface/preamp are you using right now? The AT-2020 is a pretty good budget mic and should sound fine going directly into the preamp in your interface. Does it?

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Cucco Sun, 04/06/2008 - 11:18
Your korg has a built-in preamp. It is not possible to run a microphone without a preamp.(there are exceptions to this rule, but not as far as this topic is concerned)

You're trying to run the mic into the Behringer, then into the Korg? This won't work.

The compressor should go AFTER the preamp, not before it. Otherwise, your compressor's doing absolutely nothing - there's not enough incoming signal to trigger the compressor to actually compress.