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combo keyboard-guitar amp

I know that the lows and highs are different with keyboard amps as compared to guitar amps but is there a compromise amp that has power and lows for keyboard and have good mids and highs for guitars in the $600.00-$700.00 range in one amp? If that is not viable, how about having a roland kc-550 that would serve the keyboard and use the output on the roland to connect another mid-high speaker cab for the guitar?


BobRogers Tue, 05/09/2006 - 07:35
Well, since this is the recording forum, let me suggest one strategy that works well with recording. Go with a flat, neutral "PA" amp like a JBL or Mackie powered speaker. That would be a good fit with your keys, but you'd want to do some tone shaping with the guitar before going into it. That can be anything from POD-type digital units to a tube preamp. At any rate, by doing all of your tone shaping at line level you are simultaneously working on your direct to PA and direct recording signal.

JoeH Tue, 05/09/2006 - 11:17
I agree this isn't necessarily the place for this post, but I'll chime in as well on the whole concept of speakrs for musical instruments, etc.

For keys and such, always go with the best you can kind, with the flattest, smoothest response. You can of course send processed guitar signals through it, but most guitarists are happier with the sound of a good, pre-empathized guitar amp with the typical 2-3K boost. And lots of guys are now skipping the typical guitar amp thing and using things like Podds and such, so again, a full range cabinet/system is still a good bet.