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Compact floor monitors?

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I'm in search of a compact, low-profile floor monitor. I have two EV 1202's but they're pretty big for the size venues where I typically play. I looked at the Radians but they're pretty expensive. I also looked at the EV Fri 2082 but I'm not sure if that was intended as a floor monitor or as a fill speaker for the front of the stage facing into the audience, or for underneath an over-hanging balcony for the people in the back .....

I want to use two monitors with small footprints. They don't need to be powered but I'm open to suggestions.



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moonbaby Tue, 02/19/2008 - 06:12
I own a Radian rig, so my vote is for them. Of course, because of them, I drive a 5-year-old pick-up truck and my IRA is a joke...
I've had very good results with TAD-loaded PAS boxes, as well. But since size matters in this case, you might look at picking up some older smaller Yamaha or Yorkville wedges and then updating the speakers with Eminence Deltalite cones and Radian (or B&C ) HF drivers. This can provide the low-profile wedge you don't have to build yourself, and superb gain-before-feedback. And the Deltalites are incredibly...light.