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hello all. i use a Digi 003 rack and would like to hear audio coming from my computers line out or my ipod through my studio monitors. i don't have a mixing board otherwise I would just run my 003 output and the computer/ipod to the board and plug the monitors into the main out. is there anyway to run a computers line out into the 003 so I could hear it though my monitors? I see the S/PDIF input on the back but I am very unfamiliar with that protocol and don't know if that is close to being the same as an rca input. any help? thanks.


fourone3 Tue, 11/04/2008 - 05:25

Are you running Mac or Windows?

With a Mac your Core Audio sends whatever comes out your computer (iTunes, internet browsing, etc.) through your 003. Pro Tools cannot be running for this to happen, though. Core Audio can (as far as I know) only handle one source at a time.

Windows works in the same manner, but I'm not sure the logistics. Same idea though, Pro Tools or another source.

Your iPod can be plugged into the ALT using an 1/8" to 1/4" splitter cable. It's turned on with the ATL button on the interface and has its own volume control.

No need to route cables in and out of the computer.


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