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Condenser microphones for MicroTrack ...


I have M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96. And i need to bye couple condenser microphones to equipe it. There is some trouble. Phantom power of MicroTrack is just 30V only. But usual in portable recording devices (as i know) it equals 48V. I dont want use some pre-amplifier.

Could you help me to choose condenser microphones with appropriate phantom power? (It needs to right properly(!) with 30V only)

Some notes: Cardioid or hyper-cardioid. Price
My common recordings are upright and grand piano (in studio or small hall).



JoeH Fri, 02/09/2007 - 18:39
A lot of mics will work with less than 48v Phantom power, but sometimes with less SPL handling than desirable. It can't hurt to try a few of them first.

Also, the Rhodes stereo NT-4 has a 9V battery to run without phantom. (It works either way, with or without external phantom.) It has a special connector w/stereo cable and two XLR (L&R) outputs, so you'll need some adapters to make it work with the M-Audio unit.

Also, the AT 825 is a nice point and shoot stereo mic, (don't know if it has its own battery, but it's a condenser alright). There are two versions of this, one is unbalanced with a TRS 1/4" jack (Perfect for soemthing like the M-Audio device with an adapter?) and a slightly more expensive version with an XLR connection.

hope this gets you started; good luck in your search.

Pro Audio Guest Mon, 02/12/2007 - 06:18
The AKG C1000s can work on as little as 9V with no loss in quality and can run off standard 9V batteries as well as phantom power. Although they get bashed around here a lot, I find them excellent for recording in a near-coincident pair at distances of 5-15 feet from the sound source. A new matched pair will set you back around $300 if you're okay with ebay.