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Console question.

I'm, looking to start my fist real home project studio. I'm starting from ground one here. I've decided I'm going with the Alesis ADAT HD24 for my recorder, but the console still plagues me. I would pefer an inline console, at least 24 channels, 8 bus, new or used, $2500 or less.

Here are some I've been looking at:
Soundcraft Ghost
Mackie 24•8
Behringer MX 8000/9000
Alesis X2
Carvin S/L 24

However, I just don't know. Also have any of you seen, used, or even heard of an Inter-M CMX3268? Or what about Phonic mixers. If so what are those like? If you guys can think of anything else that has those features, please let me know.





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