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Control Mix with Master Fader or Leave at 0?

Hi everyone . I was just wondering if it's a bad idea to control the mix with the Master Fader in Cubase . I read somewhere that your supposed to always leave it at 0 Db, and mix within those parameters.


Kev Tue, 12/26/2006 - 13:55
a very general rule of thumb may be to leave at 0dB
but it's not the only way

Good gain structure is an advantage for both Digital and Analog mixing

IF the master fader is way OFF the nominal position, then it may be worth returning to the channel and subgroup faders and re-adjusting, so the mix/sum junction has optimal rms and peak levels.

This can be made much easier if you also have an easy to reach fader to control your monitoring levels, rather than using the fader designed to control the stereo master levels.