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Conversion/Export question?

I used to recording on Magix software, and the software would allow you to burn straight to CD. (NO problem) then I bought another PC with the Windows XP media edition. With this Operating system, you could right click on a wave file and convert it to a wma file (no problem). well I just changed my Operating system to XP Pro...and when you right click on a wave file there isn't an option to convert file. ? so my question to RO is . how do most of you semi-pro or pro's convert your files after mixdown (Im using Sonar 3 right now and I'm having problems exporting to Windows media Advanced streaming format. which would be the only one with the *wma format.


RemyRAD Wed, 03/01/2006 - 17:54

I'm not really well-versed on your software but on other software that I've used you may want to look for a drop-down menu from file that says: " render as", " export as", "save as". Then you may need to go to the bottom of the save window and drop down to see how many available options may be their waiting for you there other than .wav, .AIFF, etc.? You probably can't find those convenient consumer features anymore because you are now using a professional operating system? You'd like those baby toys anymore? Did you?

All grown up
Ms. Remy Ann David




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