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Converting .wav files into MP3

hi guys! I was wondering which program was good for converting .wav files into mp3 for loading to the web...



Member Mon, 07/19/2004 - 03:30
I use Mini-stream Ripper to convert music.
I love it.
Mini-stream Rippers powerful multi-channel stream engine make it convenient to convert the music in CD, RM, RMVB, RMJ, RAM, RA, MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF, ASX and WAV formats into several different formats audio files at one time.
Its converting speed can be freely adjusted.


cruisemates Wed, 06/23/2004 - 18:20

unbelievably good program - demoware. Does it all!

Play, edit, mix, and analyze audio
Apply special effects, such as fade, equalizer, doppler, mechanize, echo, reverse, flanger, and more
Digitally remaster and restore old recordings with noise reduction and pop/click filters
Record audio from cassettes, vinyl records, radio, etc. through your computer's line-in
Record dictation through a microphone or play dictation back at a slower speed for transcription
Make perfect digital copies of audio CD tracks using the CD Reader tool and save them in wma, mp3, ogg files
View a variety of real-time visuals and VU meters
Convert files to/from different formats, such as wav, wma, mp3, ogg, aiff, au, vox and even raw binary data

Randyman... Thu, 06/24/2004 - 19:46
Wavelab has a fantastic MP3 encoder with Batch function.

I have been using Nero lately with the MP3Pro plug-in for 320Kbps MP3's. Adds CDDB database and ID3 tags easily, and you can rip from BOTH of your optical drives at once (if you have 2 CD capable drives in your PC). Just added 11.5Gigs over the weekend...

Later :cool: