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Creating CD text that sticks with the file?

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How can I add CD text (ex. - Artist, Album, Composer, Title in iTunes) that will stick with the file for an original song?

For example - I write and record a song, export it from Logic, and import it in iTunes, it will show the title text for whatever I saved it as - but how can I add more to it (Artist, Album, etc.) and have that stick with the file when I burn to a CD or someone else imports it into their computer?

Preferably without buying software if possible...


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jonyoung Mon, 09/29/2008 - 12:22
In Sound Forge, you simply fill in the various fields you mentioned in a window that opens when you save the file. The metadata is embedded on the wave or mp3 file when saving is complete. It's just that simple. Sound Forge also comes bundled with CD Architect, which is a great Redbook burning application.