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Criticize and critique two songs I recorded

Well here we go. I recorded these songs a year ago in my basement. I had a very very low quality drum mic kick to use on the drums and two microphones to record everything else with. This is done through a 20-30 year old 12 channel mixer (a BEAST) to my pc onto Cakewalk Guitar Track Pro. Anyway, I'm making myself pretty transparent here because I know this site is full of experts and I just have junk. I'd really like hear what people have to say about the two songs though. Say whatever you want, I'm open to criticism or critique or whatever you want to give me. Just please understand I was 16 and completely self taught when I did all this, not an expert.

I’m the lead singer/songerwriter/everything do’er.

Matthew Sorensen in case you look at the pics.

I don't know if this is posted in the wrong thread but I didn't see one dedicated to music listening.

here's the myspace


Pro Audio Guest Fri, 12/01/2006 - 19:21
Ok dim city of course drums are a bit muffled but thats undersandable. Definatly get tighter on vocals and maybe try addin a little reverb. It kinda sounds like you already had the lyrics before the song and were trying to fit them in. Heres a little trick, try comin up with the song and then figuring out what the vocals should sound like without words. Then try to write lyrics to it. Its works really well for me but its just my opinion. Guitar sounds great by the way. Keep it up guys!

Pro Audio Guest Tue, 11/28/2006 - 20:35
i only listened to a couple seconds of it coz im gettin ready for bed. but it sounded like a cd to me. the music wasn't up my alley, but the recording sounded good. especially the guitar. i'll listen more intensely tomorrow and see what i think then. by the way give yourself a little more credit you'll never go anywhere thinkin your stuff is junk. did everyone who listened to the cd tell you that? or is that what you want us to think?